A listing of my posts and presentations

A listing of my posts:

Personal Lab

Building a Storage Box – Part 1

Building a Storage Box – Part 2

Building a Storage Box – Part 3

WIM Witch

WIM Witch v1.4.0 – Language Packs, Features on Demand, and Local Experience Packs (SCConfigMgr.com)

WIM Witch v1.3.0 – Server Support, OneDrive, and Command Line (SCConfigMgr.com)

WIM Witch – A GUI Driven Solution for Image Customization (SCConfigMgr.com)


Deploying Autopilot with MDT on USB – A WIM Witch Use Case (SCConfigMgr.com)

Replicating Task Sequences in Autopilot – Bare Metal (SCConfigMgr.com)

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop: A New Hope (CDW.com)


Using SQL to backup SCCM’s Database and CD.Latest folder

Walk through of the ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tool

30 Days of ConfigMgr Tips (SCConfigMgr.com)

Operating System Deployment

A Different Approach to using Modern Driver Management with Multiple Task Sequence In-Place Upgrades (SCConfigMgr.com)

PowerShell Deployment – Getting Started with the PSD Hydration Kit (SCConfigMgr.com)


MISCUG – April/2019 – Deploying Always On VPN with Intune and ConfigMgr

WMiSMUG – June/2019 – MMSMOA 2019 Recap

WMiSMUG – Oct/2019 – If Donna can script, so can you! (also, WIM Witch)

MISCUG – Nov/2019 – Offline Image servicing with WIM Witch

FWSMUG – Nov/2019 – Offline Image servicing with WIM Witch

MMSJazz – Nov/2019 – Autopilot Our Way (Co-Presenter Mikael Nystrom)

MMSJazz – Nov/2019 – Autopilot White Glove, Self Deploy, and Existing Devices (Co-Presenter Spencer Shumway)

MMSJazz – Nov/2019 – OSDBuilder and WIM Witch Deep Dive – (Co-Presenter David Segura)

CSMUG – Feb/2020 – Image Servicing with WIMWitch

MEMUG – Mar/2020 – Image Servicing with WIMWitch

MMSMOA – May/2020 (4 sessions selected – See you there!)


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